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ezelf worden en zijn is voor mij een heel intrigerend en speciaal proces in het leven. Het vinden van je kwaliteiten en passie om rust te krijgen in dit zoekproces is een belangrijk onderdeel. Ik heb in deze film aangegeven dat ik deze fase bereikt hebt en ook wat het mij en m’n coachees oplevert. Met deze korte film heb ik een legacy gemaakt   die waardevol is voor mijn zakelijke, dan wel voor mijn persoonlijke leven.

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believe that one of the golden keys to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life is to be totally yourself, at all times and in all circumstances. And this is no easy task! For all sorts of reasons, we sometimes feel the need to hide or camouflage parts of conform to protocols we don´t really believe in, or to adjust the “true me” to come across as somebody a bit different than who we actually are. Why do we do this?

When you look in the mirror, are you not happy with what you see.....who you truly are, as you know yourself? I recently had the opportunity to work with an amazingly talented person, the film-maker Nic Askew.....he specialises in capturing “the real you” on masks, no place-to-hide, show and tell it as it really is “on the inside”. Not only was it immense fun to work with Nic, the whole process opened my eyes up even more to the absolute pleasure of just being myself.....and being very happy with who I am, and enjoying the strength and confidence that arises from this feeling. I´m not suggesting you need to immediately rush off and contact Nic to arrange a similar process for yourself.....although I guarantee you wouldn´t regret it, for sure it would bring immeasurable benefits. However, I would like to suggest that you spend some serious reflection-time, looking at yourself in the proverbial mirror. And asking yourself, on a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with what you see, with the “total you”? And if the answer´s not 10, what is it you would like to change? What are the obstacles you can remove to allow yourself to be “YOU”, all of the time? I hope you enjoy the film, and that you may be inspired by one of the messages.
Warm regards, Richard

Stress Management
Videos ichard Maddocks explains how Personal Leadership is the ultimate key in Stress Management in his speech “Using Talents to Beat Stress”, held on the 2010 ISMA Conference. ISMA, the International Stress Management Association, works to promote sound knowledge and best practice in the prevention and reduction of human stress. Watch Richard’s speech here.

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2011-07-27 15:09:03
Thanks Richard - I liked it very much - and it crystallised some beliefs I\'ve held for a long time about the powerful therapeutic effects on yourself of smilling and laughing - of course they have very powerful beneficial effects on others as well - win win!


2011-05-04 12:26:40
Great Movie! I couldn't stop laughing :) It's so much fun to look and listen to you Richard. And learn that the road to full ontplooiing and 100% authenticity is a road of laughter and not taking yourself too seriously. In the end I took a look in the mirror...not bad what I saw..not bad at all actually! Always room for improvement, but then again..the road never's called LIFE. Jolanda

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